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Let's talk about sleep

The average adult in the UK is under-sleeping by an hour every night. Not surprised? Or just not had enough coffee?

Everyone’s heard the statistics about how many hours of sleep we should be aiming for (between seven and nine), and about how sleep is as important to weight loss and health as diet and exercise, not to mention the detrimental effect of ‘blue light’ from tablets and phones late at night.

Whether you’re a solid eight-hours-a-night-person, a patchy four-to-six, or just can’t wait for a Sunday lie-in, the quality of your sleep can be effected quite considerably by your bed and mattress.

The general consensus is that a mattress ought to be replaced after between seven and nine years. The quality of the components and fillings will effect the quality of mattress, and thereby the comfort of the sleep you get.

Our beds are now so much more than just places where we sleep, and this makes finding the best bed and mattress all the more important.

Ultimately, the best way to find your ideal mattress is to pop in and have a lie down. We have a wealth of experience, brands, sizes and tensions to ensure that your night’s sleep is entirely tailored to you.



There’s so much more in store

In store, you’ll not only find a wide range of furniture, upholstery, and carpets, you’ll also find everything from photo frames to handbags, nuts and bolts to pots and pans, and from garden furniture to bulbs and batteries. We offer an extensive range of homeware and accessories to fully furnish and personalise your home.

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Free Delivery


At Latimers, we use only our own delivery team, and offer a free delivery service over a wide area. Our delivery team will also assemble and arrange your new furniture.

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Over 140 Years of History


Latimers of Langholm has been run by the same family since it was established in 1882. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you from purchase to delivery and fitting.

Free Carpet Fitting


We provide a free fitting service on the majority of our carpets using our own carpet fitting team at a date and time that’s convenient to you.

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